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Saturday 22nd September 2018   AGM at 6.15pm     followed by      

                                             Anna Fedorova  piano                    7.30pm

in  Ardrishaig Public Hall

Saturday 20th October 2018        Alison McNeill   soprano             

                                                     Sasha Savaloni guitar                   3.00pm

 in  Ardrishaig Public Hall

Saturday 17th November 2018    Kapten Trio                                3.00pm

                                               Kristi Kapten  piano          Rachel Spencer  violin

                                                       Duncan Strachan  ‘cello                         in  Ardrishaig Public Hall

Satturday 12th January 2019      Jamal Aliyev  ‘cello  

                                                    Jāms Coleman piano                          3.00pm

                                                                                                 in  Ardrishaig Public Hall

Saturday 9th February 2019        Sinopia Quartet                         7.30pm

                                                         Gabi Maas  violin               Daniel Paterson  violin

                                                         Daniel Meszoly  viola        Laura Sergeant  ‘cello

in the Council Chamber at Kilmory Castle

Saturday 16th March 2019           Quattro MacJazz                      7.30pm

                                                        Alastair MacDonald   banjo & vocal     Lennie Herd trumpet                                                           Hamish McGregor   clarinet & vocal     Roy Percy double bass

                                                      in  Ardrishaig Public Hall

Saturday 1st June 2019                Extra concert night                  7.30pm

                                                      Join us for an evening of live music and dance

a chance to enjoy performances of just a few of the immense number of genres and see how they link

Andrew Robinson, who is an excellent guitarist and already known to some of our  members, will play music of the same kind as the dance to follow.    The styles performed will include:  

Anna Fedorova

Alison McNeill & Sasha Savaloni

Kapten Trio

Jamal Aliyev

Jāms Coleman

Sinopia Quartet

Quattro MacJazz

Concerts in 2018-2019                                Download this season’s programme here

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                                                                    Argentine tango, Flamenco, Highland dance,

step dance, classical ballet, Kathak, and contemporary.


                                     Wonderful music, wonderful dancing!                     in  Ardrishaig Public Hall